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Can I have an imagine with Zayn where he sees you on your wedding day and starts to cry because you’re so beautiful?

The crowd of people clamoring over what they were wearing, how hot it was, and who had come with who suddenly stopped when the music started to play. His stomach lurched into his chest, making his hear beat against his throat, to say the least he was nervous.

He looked at his hands, clasping them together to stop them from shaking, mentally trying to calm himself down. 

He forced himself to look up, licking his lips a few times, as you stepped out of the car, bouquet of floral smelling flowers in hand. 

Your dress had been the perfect one right when you saw it, hugging every inch of your body tightly, but lose enough to keep your mother happy. 

As you started down the aisle, you could feel a grin peek onto your lips as his own lips spread apart. It was as if he was laughing, and as you drew closer, it was apparent that he was crying. 

He unclasped his hands, and took your own, smiling widely as you used the edge of your thumb to wipe away his tears, trying not to acknowledge the tears in your own eyes.

"Why are you crying love?" you ask softly staring at him kindly, 

He smiled back and shook his head, “You, Y- just you sweetheart.” says drinking in the beauty that seemed to radiate from your body, smiling again as more tears came, gratefully squeezing your hands as you continued to wipe them away.

-Dare BearXx

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Anonymous asked: "Can I have an imagine with Zayn where he sees you on your wedding day and starts to cry because you're so beautiful?"

I’ll do this one now sweetheart. :)

-Dare BearXx

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I need some feels whenever you lovelies are available! Liam taking care of you and your sick baby? Pweeeeeeeeeeease!

I hear Y/N cough heavily before I heard our baby girl screaming in the bassinet beside our bed. I rubbed my eyes trying to get the sleep from them as Y/N continued to cough and sniffle. 

My body forced itself up and as I picked up our daughter, Y/N looked at me miserably, her eyes dark, nose runny and her mouth opened to try to breathe better.

"You’re sick?" I ask as the baby in my arms sneezed a couple of times before falling into a fit of screaming, she sick herself. 

"Looks like I’m taking care of my girls today then." I say softly changing the baby before laying her down to sleep again. I ran down quickly and made soup for Y/N, grabbing medicine, tissues and some tea on my way up. I made sure her pillows were fluffed and that she was warm before turning my attention to the baby, who I changed and sat with in bed gently wiping her nose clean and wiping her tears that fell. 

I sat for a while with my two sick girls, wishing that i could make each feel better, not knowing what else to do. 

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" I ask quietly as the baby just fells asleep.

Y/N rested her head on my shoulder and sniffled sickly and shook her head, “Nothing, just stay with us?” she asks sleepily.

Nodding I bought the blankets up more to cuddle them both, kissing their foreheads once each  ”Forever and always.”

-Dare BearXx

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Anonymous asked: "I need some feels whenever you lovelies are available! Liam taking care of you and your sick baby? Pweeeeeeeeeeease!"

Sure sweet, I’m on it.

-Dare BearXx

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Remember loves, requests are always open, one of us will do it. Please ask for something, that’s why we’re here.

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"How’s the fort coming love?" he asks softly coming into the living room which  clean minutes earlier, now looked like a tornado had run through it.

A few giggles answered him as the white sheet was spread out to cover the homemade fort.

"I’ll take that as a good." he chuckles as he sees your daughter’s head poke out, her almost toothless grin making him smile himself.

"We’re almost done." you say poking your head above hers as she crawled back in to make herself comfortable. He crawled in after as you turned the lantern on and closed the entrance to the fort as your daughter snuggled in between the both of you. 

Her short breaths were all that filled the room as he sleepily ran his fingers through her hair as you watched her eyes slowly close, and her breath slow. 

"She’s cute when she sleeps. he says smiling softly as she curled up in herself.

"She’s cute all the time." you correct him, smiling back at him. 

He chuckles and nods, “Just like you.” he winks as you look away bashfully. 

This made him smile even more, and as he reached over your daughter to grab your chin, he kissed you a few times murmuring, “All the time.”

-Dare BearXx

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Anonymous asked: "I miss you ladies! I'd like to request anything with Niall that's cute and adorable and just makes my heart melt!:) And do it maybe Y/N so other Niall fan girls can enjoy themselves too?"

I’m sorry we’ve kind of been ignoring this blog. I’ll work on that for you now love. Sorry :(

-Dare BearXx

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Hi guys, I know we’ve, well i know i have been neglecting this blog for a while but does anyone want something?

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Anonymous asked: "So I love you ladies. js. Bye :*:*:*"

Daaww!! We love you too, anon!! *blows kiss*

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Liam: ”How much do you love daddy?” he asks your daughter as she sat in his lap, playing on his phone. She gave him a wide smile, her eyes crinkling as his own did whenever he smiled. “I don’t know.” she gets out, looking up at him. “Is it this much?” he asks stretching her arms out, making her…

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